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About 11 Inch

This is our missionThis is
our mission

Every slice of cheese.
Every spoonful of our homemade sauce.
Every bread we lovingly knead and shape.

We pour our heart and soul into every inch of pizza we serve. This is our mission.

About 11 Inch Pizza Melbourne


About 11 Inch Pizza Melbourne

About our valuesAbout
our values

Everything we care about, everything we value, begins with you, our customer. We want you to enjoy not only the pizza, but every aspect of the experience you have with us.

Within you, we want to inspire good thoughts and enjoy life, to make you laugh and lift your spirit.  We want you to feel at home. We want you to feel loved and we want you to come back and do it all over again.


This is our missionThis is
our vision

Melbourne is a big city. 
We want everyone to be happy.
Everyone to enjoy their time on earth.
To enjoy the moment.
Right here. Right now.

About 11 Inch Pizza Melbourne

Pizza, is a state of mind

11 Inch Pizza